David Andersen Norway Silver and Yellow Enamel Leaf Bracelet


A lovely golden yellow enamel bracelet designed by Willy Winnaess for David Andersen of Norway in the 1950s.
The leaves are made from Sterling Silver and golden yellow Guilloche enamel. On the back of the leaves the silver has been gilded and so it has a lovely gold colour.

A little history of David Andersen, 1843-1901. He opened his shop in Oslo, Norway in 1876 specialising in jewellery and silver wares. When he died his son, Arthur Andersen took over company reins and designs. The David-Andersen company is well known for its mid-century enamelled silver jewellery. Willy Winnaess was a key designer in the business during the 1950-60’s. This bracelet is a wonderful example of his work. Jewellery designed by Willy Winnaess for David Andersen are usually marked ‘ Scales, D-A NORWAY STERLING 925S and the Willy Winnaess mark of a W in a circle. All of these can be seen on this bracelet.

Marker’s mark: D-A  for David Andersen / W in a circle for Willy Winnaess
Dated: circa 1950-60
Weight: 12.0 grams
Measurements: 7″ /19cm
Leaf width: 11mm

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