The June Birthstone – Pearl

In a world where trends come and go, the prevailing desirability of pearls, the only [...]

Emerald – May’s Beautiful Birthstone

Symbolising rebirth, love and the awakening of Spring, the May birthstone is the beautiful Emerald

Diamond – The Dazzling April Birthstone

Diamonds are forever! And if you were born in April, then lucky you, the desirable [...]

March Birthstone | Aquamarine

The Beautiful March Birthstone – Aquamarine In the kaleidoscope world of sparkling birthstones, March boasts [...]

February’s Birthstone | Amethyst

What is the February Birthstone? As the calendar turns to February, a month characterised by [...]

January Birthstone | Garnet

What is the January Birthstone? Mirroring the fiery spirit of a new year and a [...]

One of the December Birthstones – Tanzanite

What Is the Birthstone for December? Well, that’s a good question! Did you know that [...]

One of the December Birthstones – Turquoise

What Are the December Birthstones? The enchanting month of December is special for many reasons, [...]

The July Birthstone – Ruby

The July birthstone is the ruby, one of the most valuable and highly sought-after gemstones [...]

The Perfect Mother’s Day Gift

Looking for Mother’s Day Gifts? Try Our Gorgeous Selection of Vintage and Antique Jewellery Mothering [...]