January Birthstone | Garnet

What is the January Birthstone?

Mirroring the fiery spirit of a new year and a new start, the birthstone for January is the richly coloured garnet. Although most commonly associated with red, garnets are produced by mother earth in a variety of colours and hues, from grape reds and amber-like oranges to rich greens and very rare blue tones. The fabulously rare “colour change garnet” even shifts colour when seen under different light sources. Thanks to its incredibly rich colour spectrum and unparalleled versatility, garnet is as popular and revered in the fashion and jewellery world now as it was in the days of ancient Egypt and ancient Rome.

Want to Know More About January’s Birthstone?

Garnet takes its name from the old French word “grenat” which translates in English as “pomegranate”, and it’s not surprising that the name was derived from this considering the gem’s resemblance to pomegranate stones when in its most common red form.

Found in many countries across the world, including significant sources in Africa, garnet is not considered particularly “rare”, yet is still highly sought-after for use in exquisite garnet birthstone jewellery, with its rich vibrant hue perfectly complementing a wide range of metals and styles.

Garnets were first discovered in the Bronze Age and rose to prominence through their use in magnificent jewellery pieces in the times of Ancient Egypt, with their revered status continuing right through the Victorian era and into modern times. A testament to its enduring charm. With so many variations, (the gemstone varies considerably in its chemical composition and crystal structure depending on where it is found), garnets became, and remain to this day, a staple in intricate jewellery designs.

Is There Any Symbolism Associated with Garnet?

January’s birthstone garnet is believed to possess profound spiritual and healing attributes. In ancient Egyptian culture, garnets were regarded as symbols of life, and they were frequently interred with mummies to facilitate a serene transition to the afterlife. During the Middle Ages, garnets held favour among both clergy and nobility, as it was thought to be one of the four precious gems bestowed upon King Solomon by God and that King Solomon would wear garnet into battle. Subsequently, during Medieval times, Christian and Muslim warriors would similarly wear garnet, believing it to offer protection in battle.

Nowadays, this connotation has sustained, with many believing garnet to offer protection and safety on travels, and it is often gifted to friends and loved ones setting off on long journeys or adventures.

In the realm of Indian astrology, garnet is used to elevate one’s spirits, foster tranquillity of the mind, and alleviate negative emotions. Additionally, it symbolises friendship, power, happiness and guidance. It is believed to stimulate creativity, boost motivation, and provide a sense of strength and courage to the wearer. Many also believe that garnet can enhance love and relationships, and it has often been known as a “stone of commitment”, with many antique engagement rings featuring garnet for this reason.

Choosing January Birthstone Jewellery

Garnet offers a timeless beauty that makes it a simply perfect gift for loved ones born in January or under the Zodiac signs of Capricorn or Aquarius. This incredibly versatile stone also works divinely in engagement rings and anniversary presents thanks to it being a “stone of love and devotion”. Explore our exquisite assortment of garnet jewellery, whether you’re indulging yourself or seeking a truly meaningful gift for a loved one. We are confident that something special will capture your attention in our carefully curated collection.

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