The June Birthstone – Pearl

In a world where trends come and go, the prevailing desirability of pearls, the only precious jewel created by a living organism, stands as a testament to their enduring beauty and timeless elegance. Symbolising the bright days and blooming flowers of June, those lucky enough to be born in this vibrant month can hold the coveted pearl as their beautiful birthstone.

Where Do Pearls Come From?

Pearls have an intriguing origin that sets them apart from other gemstones. Unlike diamonds or rubies, which are mined from the earth, pearls are formed within living organisms – primarily molluscs such as oysters and mussels. When an irritant, like a grain of sand or a parasite, finds its way into the mollusc’s shell, it secretes layers of nacre to coat the foreign object, gradually forming a pearl. This natural process imbues pearls with a unique organic quality, making each one truly one-of-a-kind.

The characteristics of a pearl are significantly influenced by their formation process, whether natural, or “cultured” or “harvested”. Naturally occurring pearls are exceedingly rare and consequently command high prices, while cultured pearls, created with human intervention such as the intentional introduction of an irritant to the mollusc, are more commonplace. Despite the prevalence of cultured pearls, each one retains its individuality, as the reaction of the oyster or mussel and the resulting pearl type remain unpredictable. Remarkably, only about 5% of harvested oysters or mussels yield pearls of exceptional quality. This rarity underscores the exceptional uniqueness and significance of each genuine pearl.

So, for those born in June…the world really is your oyster!

Want to Know More About the June Birthstone?

Did you know?

  • Pearls can come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, based upon how they are formed, and even where they are formed. Freshwater pearls and saltwater pearls have distinct qualities which can affect their shape, size and colour.
  • The most classic and coveted pearls are white or cream-colored, with a lustrous sheen that reflects light beautifully. However, pearls can also be found in shades of pink, peach, lavender, and black, each with its unique allure.
  • The timeless appeal of pearls lies not only in their physical beauty but also in the rich symbolism they carry. Throughout history, pearls have been revered for their symbolism and perceived mystical properties. In many cultures, pearls are associated with purity, innocence, and love. They have been worn by royalty and aristocrats as symbols of wealth and sophistication. In ancient Greece, pearls were believed to be tears of joy shed by the goddess of love, Aphrodite. In China, pearls symbolise wisdom gained through experience, while in Hindu mythology, they are associated with purity and enlightenment.
  • In ancient Greece, it was believed that pearls would bring marital success, and so the tradition of brides wearing pearls around their necks on their wedding day was created.

June Birthstone Pearl Jewellery

Pearls are incredibly versatile and can be incorporated into a wide range of jewellery designs, from classic strands of pearls to modern, avant-garde pieces. Whether its pearl necklaces, earrings, bracelets, or rings, a beautiful piece of pearl jewellery is the perfect accompaniment to any outfit. So if you’re looking for the ideal June Birthstone Gift, a 30th wedding anniversary gift, the perfect wedding jewellery, or simply a delightful treat to yourself, our wonderful collection of pearl jewellery offers something for everyone.

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The perfect 30th wedding anniversary gift, this stunning 15ct gold antique pearl Sweetheart brooch is dated circa 1900
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