One of the December Birthstones – Tanzanite

What Is the Birthstone for December?

Well, that’s a good question! Did you know that December is one of the only months of the year to have more than one birthstone associated with it? Those people fortunate enough to be born in the magical month of December get to choose between three equally beautiful birthstones – tanzanite, turquoise and zircon. Each of these gorgeous gemstones have their own unique properties and associations, with each boasting a vivid blue colour that not only effortlessly embodies the crisp light of winter, but also makes for stunning jewellery pieces that stand out in any crowd.

Why Does December Have More Than One Birthstone?

Traditionally, each month of the year has been assigned a particular birthstone, yet over the years some months have ascribed further birthstones, so it’s not only December that has more than one (although December does have more birthstones than any other month). The exact reasoning behind this is a little unclear, but it is commonly thought that the reason for multiple birthstones was to allow for more affordable options in addition to the original, more expensive stones. In October 2002, birthstones were standardised for the last time, and this is when tanzanite joined zircon and turquoise on the list for December.

For now, we’re going to focus on the most recent addition to the December birthstone list, the breathtaking tanzanite, but if you would like to know more about turquoise alternatives you can read about these in our turquoise blog.

Want to Know More About the December Birthstone Tanzanite?

December’s newest official birthstone, tanzanite is one of the world’s rarest gemstones and is found in only one country…you guessed it…Tanzania. First discovered in 1967 on the foothills of the mighty Mount Kilimanjaro, its name was coined by Tiffany & Co. after the country of its discovery. Said to be “a thousand times rarer than diamond”, the chances of this incredibly unique gem being found anywhere else on the planet is thought to be less than “one in a million”, making it one of the most sought-after precious stones in the world.

Although relatively new to the scene, tanzanite is incredibly highly thought of within the jewellery world thanks not only to its rarity and exclusivity, but also for its exquisite blue hue overlaid by tones of purple and indigo that creates a rich and velvety colour combination that is a simply divine adornment to any piece of jewellery.

Thought of as a symbol for energy, intuition, perception, and heightened self-awareness bringing together the heart and mind, it is also suggested that tanzanite can stimulate the three chakras: the throat, the third eye, and the crown; allowing communication with higher spiritual dimensions.

Our Stunning Range of Tanzanite Jewellery

Thanks to its rarity and uniqueness – not only is it the only gemstone that it is trichroic meaning it has three colour axes, but it is also thought that its resources will be depleted within the next 20 years – tanzanite is an incredibly popular gemstone that makes for a perfect heirloom that can be passed down for generations to come, when it is likely to be almost impossible to come across. And, of course, it makes for a simply perfect gift for those with a December birthday or who were born under the Zodiac sign of Sagittarius. Tanzanite is also the traditional 24th wedding anniversary theme, so a stunning piece from our tanzanite jewellery collection would be the perfect gift should you be celebrating this romantic milestone.

Let’s see if something catches your eye…

This exquisite 9ct gold Tanzanite cluster ring would make the perfect 24th wedding anniversary present or simply a treat to a loved one with a December birthday
Striking and intricate, these 9ct white gold tanzanite and diamond drop earrings will add a touch of sparkle to any outfit
Has someone you love recently become a parent to a December baby? This beautiful 9ct White Gold Tanzanite Baby Shoe can be used as a charm or a bracelet for the perfect new baby gift
These simple yet stunning 9ct yellow gold tanzanite solitaire stud earrings make the perfect December birthstone gift to yourself or someone precious