Vintage Sterling Silver Flower Bangle dated 1969


This classic sterling silver bangle from the late 1960s is a beautiful piece of vintage jewellery. It features a wide width that makes a bold statement and is engraved with a delicate floral design on one half, showcasing craftsmanship and attention to detail typical of the era. The bangle is designed with a secure snap-in fastener and a safety chain, ensuring it stays safely on the wrist. As a pre-loved vintage piece, it has been cleaned and polished, now exuding a fabulous shine that highlights its timeless elegance. This bangle is not just a piece of jewellery, but a piece of history that carries the charm and style of the 1960s.

Hallmarked: Birmingham 1969
Marker’s mark: QP
Weight: 37.1 grams
Measurements: Width 22mm
Inside measurements: 6cm x 5.5cm approx.

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