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Antique Jewellery Vs Modern Jewellery

A love of antiques, trinkets, mementos and insights into the past has long been embedded in the cultures of many. Many of us are fascinated by history, intrigued by stories and items of the past and sometimes even yearn for a taste of “the good ‘ol days”. So much so, that shows such as the Antiques Roadshow and Bargain Hunt have been a staple on our TV screens for countless years and antique sales have continued to thrive throughout the 21st century. Yet there are also many of us who crave “new, shiny things”, and with new inventions, ground-breaking technology and mass production constantly on the rise, you might be wondering why so many of us are still so unwavering in our love of all things antique.

Well, we’re here to tell you just why we are so enchanted by antique jewellery and its delights, with our top 5 reasons for buying vintage and antique jewellery.

The Top 5 Reasons for Buying Vintage & Antique Jewellery

1. Value for Money

Did you know that vintage, second-hand or antique jewellery is exempt from VAT? That means that when you purchase antique jewellery online in the UK or in a store, the price should automatically be around 20% less than what it would be if you were to buy a similar brand-new piece! The seller also doesn’t have to factor manufacturing costs into your price as all the hard work has already been done.

What’s more, not only will your purchase be value for money, it’s highly likely to KEEP that value, and maybe even INCREASE in value! We often find that the older a piece is, the more value is placed on it. With that in mind, many people purchase antique jewellery as an investment in the hope that its worth will continue to go up.

2. Sustainability

An issue very close to the hearts of many of us these days, the desire for sustainability in fashion and accessories has seen the popularity of antique jewellery continue to rise. By buying antique jewellery in the UK, not only will you be adhering to the concepts of “reuse, recycle”, but bearing in mind the significant resources required to mine precious metals and gemstones such as gold and diamond, buying antique jewellery which has already been created is truly purchasing in an environmentally friendly manner and helping to reduce the impact on these valuable resources. In addition to this, many antique jewellery suppliers and shops are small, family-run businesses, so by purchasing directly from them you will be helping to support the UK’s local economies and small businesses.

3. Superior Quality

Antique jewellery was almost always hand-made, or at least hand-finished, bringing with it an incredibly high level of craftmanship and quality that is almost impossible to find in modern jewellery. With the rise of mass production in the last few decades, even the most high-end luxury jewellery pieces of the modern era simply can not match the artistry of these bespoke pieces that were painstakingly laboured over in order to create the perfect masterpiece for its intended recipient. When you think about it, if it has lasted this long in good condition, then it’s pretty sure to have been well made!

4. Each Piece is Unique and Every Piece Tells a Story

Whether you’re looking for antique engagement rings or vintage pendants, each piece of antique jewellery will tell its own story. From delightful gold diamond rings from the Victorian era to antique medals and commemorative pieces, the history of these beautiful items is being passed down for you to treasure and behold. For each antique jewellery piece on our online store we have provided a brief description of what we already know about the piece, including its likely origins, the likely date it was made and the unique elements that make it so special, but many people choose to dig even further into the history.

Not only will your piece tell its own story, but you can be pretty certain you won’t bump into anyone with the same piece! It is only very recently that jewellery has been mass produced on the scale we see today, where high street jewellers sell almost identical pieces to thousands upon thousands of people each day. Each antique jewellery item will have, however, been hand-made to utmost perfection, making identical copies almost possible, and many pieces will have been commissioned specially as a one-off piece by the small number or people who could afford such luxuries back then. Imagine the thrill of knowing you are holding the only one of something in the whole world and are adding your own stories to its colourful history!

5. The Thrill of the Chase

Sourcing that special antique jewellery piece that is truly going to mean something to you or those you love is, above all, fun! Take some time to get to know what to look out for, familiarise yourself with the different cuts, eras and styles, and break out into the thrilling world of buying antique jewellery. We’re sure you won’t regret it! And if you’re looking for some inspiration to get you started, take a browse through our online catalogue of unique antique jewellery pieces.